The Book Enthusiasts of Kampala inspires to nurture a holistic reading culture and celebrate literary arts in Uganda. A culture that not only promotes value of reading in general, but also shares knowledge and encourages people of all ages and from all backgrounds to actively participate in this community of readers.

Upcoming Activities

Literature Gabfest – 9-10 September, 2017

Monthly Book Exchange Club – every first Saturday of the Month.

What We Do and Why it Matters

The Book Enthusiasts of Kampala is a community of readers that attracts booklovers from all over Uganda. What sets us apart from most book clubs is that members are not bound to read one particular title in a month, instead members can choose the books they want to read and the books they want to share. With this setup we have noticed that club attendance is not affected by members failing to finish a book  or those who are lagging behind in their reading. Instead we find that members continue to attend meetings regardless of whether they are reading a book or not. What we are certain of is that members return with a book and a renewed passion for reading.

A country’s level of development is intricately linked to its literacy level. A society that reads, is informed and able to question and to challenge social and political policies affecting its citizens. Reading also improves cognitive development and scientists have documented the positive impact it can have on the mind. A reading culture needs to start from school and schools needs to ensure that leisurely reading is encouraged at school. As a booklovers' organization committed to making a social impact in our community, we want to channel our love for books, use it to celebrate literature and expose young minds to the brilliant world of stories. By doing so, we hope to encourage the young and the old to read and slowly and steadily develop a reading culture in Uganda.