Monthly meet ups

Our book exchange club meets every first Saturday of the month at a local café to engage in literary conversations. The club has been active since March 2015 and to date we have over 60 books in circulation and another 15 books in our club collection, or what we call “Club Books”. These club books are titles that come highly recommended and have been donated to the club by members. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our membership. Our members inlcude people from all ages and backgrounds – IT specialists, writers, poets, journalists, business persons, students, homemakers, technicians, and environmentalists to name a few. This is a cherished space for all lovers of the written word in Kampala and runs on the good faith that books exchanged will be returned or passed on to other keen readers within the club.

Come with a book or two to exchange with other readers and discuss all things books and poetry. We also do movie nights on occasion and plan on including an open mic session to share writings and thoughts on life as some of our members are also budding writers. All are welcome to join! Happy readings!



27 May 2017

We gathered at The Magnolia to dwell on the hushed sighs of poetry. This is a private event open only to regular members of the club.